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  • Commercial Seasonal "To Do" List

  • Building owners and property managers know that when it comes to maintaining a picture-perfect landscape, there is always something that needs to be done.

    The experts at Integrity LandWorx use their knowledge of Atlanta’s weather and soil conditions to create this quarterly checklist to help you stay one step ahead. Plan to come back to this site as the seasons change for updated information.

    If you’d rather have a landscape team with deep local knowledge take care of these chores for you, please give us a call. We know more than just landscaping . . . we know our real job is to make your property look fabulous and take landscape maintenance off your “to do” list. 

  • Second Quarter

    • Inspect irrigation system before start-up
    • Apply first round of fertilizer to warm season turf
    • Apply second round of pre-emergent turf treatment  (March)
    • Apply insect and disease control to trees and shrubs
    • Inspect turf for signs of fungus and treat with fungicide as needed
    • Install spring seasonal color  (first of May)
    • Scalp and de-thatch bermuda and zoysia turf
    • Aerate warm season turf near the end of April or first of May
    • Apply second round of fertilizer to cool season turf