Integrity LandWorx’s roots are in commercial landscape. Our story began as an HMI company nurturing and maintaining landscapes for over 3,000 homes in multi-family communities.

We believe spectacular grounds tell your clients and their visitors they matter. Manicured grass and stunning plant displays continue to be one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your property occupied and your clients happy. Calling Integrity LandWorx to help achieve a beautiful landscape just makes good business sense.



Integrity LandWorx’s seasoned landscape experts will sit down with you to truly understand your vision and your expectations before we put pen to paper. We then come back to you with recommendations custom tailored to your site and Atlanta’s unpredictable weather.



After working with our design team, we’ll then begin the installation process. From the first appointment to project completion and walk through, our professionals bring considerable experience from years of installing a variety of landscaping elements, including flower beds, grasses, shrubs, trees, or hardscapes including patios, walls, fountains, arbors, and stone paths.



We follow up with complete year-round maintenance. This could include manicured grasses, seasonal plant displays, leaf removal, pruning, fertilizing, and irrigation. We will deliver the results you want. Integrity LandWorx will never charge you for our deep local knowledge. That’s included at no charge, in everything we do.

Turf Management

Our customer-focused approach to turf management ensures that the time you spend on landscaping issues is minimal and efficient. Our goal is to keep your commercial site looking its best. We do that by walking your property frequently and providing written reports to tell you what we see. Keeping close watch over your landscape means we can remedy small issues before they turn into big problems.

Our installation team has the experience and the Georgia weather/ground expertise to properly install a variety of landscaping and hardscape solutions.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are your greatest landscaping investment. Regardless of the shape or size of trees and shrubs, there will always be necessary maintenance needed to uphold the health of these plants and prevent disease. We can recommend which trees and shrubs will address your landscape needs best. And be sure to ask us about the Integrity LandWorx product guarantee.

Seasonal Color and Flower Beds

Let’s be honest – what attracts clients to where they live and work starts with “curb appeal.” Two to three times a year, Integrity LandWorx will create, install, and maintain visually stunning seasonal color for our commercial customers’ sites. Each custom flower bed and planter layout includes feature and accent plants to complement the site’s natural beauty. Best of all, no two installations are alike. Your property isn’t like anyone else’s, and your landscaping shouldn’t be either.

Pinestraw & Mulch

Pinestraw and mulch are two of the most beneficial and cost-effective practices for your property’s landscape. Not only does it sharpen the appearance of your landscaping and control weeds, but it also reduces the need for water. Primarily, you want the source of your pinestraw and mulch to be of the highest quality, with long, just-fallen needles, and fresh, organic mulch. That’s precisely what we do.


The effectiveness of an irrigation system begins with a proper design. Design, workmanship, and market knowledge are what set us apart from our competition. With many years of experience, we know how to design an irrigation system that provides uniform coverage to your entire landscape. Our systems are designed to minimize water use, while promoting water conservation year-round, saving you money in annual water bills.

Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lighting will enhance the beauty of your property with a natural elegant moonlight effect. Properly placed LED lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor space after daylight hours. It expands the view of your property and highlights key architectural features of your building.


The design experts at Integrity LandWorx understand how to transform your property, enhancing the visual appeal, functionality and its usability for employees and visitors.

Our Hardscape services include:

  • Paver and outdoor patios
  • Fountains and other water features
  • Pergolas and arbors
  • Stone or gravel walkways, and pathways

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide structure and support for level changes in ground elevation. We design and install structurally sound retaining walls that define and enhance your commercial property. Our extensive experience has taught us how to choose the appropriate materials, properly prepare the site and build an attractive, and functional structure for your landscape.

Drainage Solutions

Soil runoff, cracks in the foundations and moisture are just a few of the many drainage problems you face as a property owner. Small issues can lead to big trouble if ignored. Our drainage experts can help identify these problems and offer smart, money-wise solutions to correct them. The moment you see any drainage problem, contact us and we’ll recommend a drainage solution for your property.