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  • Green Glove Service: Changing the look of Atlanta

  • Having a concierge means you have a local expert devoted to your needs. You expect to have a concierge at a high-end hotel and now even doctors are taking a personalized approach to practicing medicine.

    Integrity LandWorx provides the first-ever concierge service for building owners, property managers and homeowners. Green Glove Service from Integrity LandWorx will change the way owners in Atlanta maintain their properties. What can property owners expect from Green Glove Service?

    1. Consider the value that having a landscape team with deep local knowledge can make when it comes to plant selection.
    2. Imagine having a landscape expert who inspects your property regularly to resolve small issues before they turn into big problems.
    3. Envision a single point of contact for design, build and maintenance service, as well as weed control and fertilizing.
    4. Picture the confidence that comes from knowing your landscape team’s recommendations are based on years of technical training and local experience.
    5. Sleep well at night knowing that we’ve made you – and your property – look good.

    At Integrity LandWorx, we bring our attention to detail and creative passion to work with us every day. We treat everyone with respect and we approach our work with a positive attitude.  We consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by responding to their needs in a fast, fair and friendly manner. That’s what Green Glove Service means to us.

    If you’d like to know more about how Green Glove Service from Integrity LandWorx can change the way your property looks, please call us today. We’ll even have a surprise for you at our first meeting!

    Green Glove Service – only from Integrity LandWorx.